A product sampling experience that connects businesses with consumers

A mobile first, data driven platform that allows potential consumers to seamlessly provide real time feedback on product samples, to businesses.

Tryloka Product Sampling Web
The Challenge

Launched as part of DIFC’s Innovation Hub, Tryloka is a new concept to the UAE region. Tryloka aims to facilitate a direct-to-consumer relationship for brands with their high value consumers, in a very effective manner that is smart sampling which is also quantifiable.

Tryloka partners with brands in F&B, beauty, health and wellness, home décor and many more to fully assess their sampling criteria & create an optimal strategy for a sampling campaign. Brands list their sampling criteria (targeted audience) and sampling goals to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Tryloka technology allows for real-time results, allowing customers to swiftly move past the awareness stage straight to consideration.

Few of the challenges we faced were to fill the void of product sampling platform in UAE region by designing a flawless, meaningful platform which would be trusted by both the brands as well as their customers. As a new brand in the market, Lollypop team had been assigned to come up with a website which would be aesthetically appealing, user friendly & would hold a fluid navigation approach.


We analyzed the big players in the product sampling industry to get an understanding of what we need, to build the foundation of this platform. We identified and studied the user personas to understand their motivations and pain points, the users from UAE mostly come from affluent families. We developed a product approach strategy to prioritize user acquisition and retention. The research also helped us understand what user insights the sample partners look for.

Based on the research, we crafted IA and wireframes for a mobile-first platform, emphasizing on:
1) Building trust by highlighting top brands and social proof
2) Frictionless onboarding for user acquisition
3) Incentivising users for their feedback for retention
4) Insightful dashboards & statistics for sample partners

The following designs are an extension of the friendly and dynamic identity of Tryloka. The easy going and bright colour palette is a reflection of the brand’s friendly and approachable nature. Overall, the visual design is created from a perspective to make the onboarding and navigation of the website as intuitive and effortless as possible. The friendly cues help in making the indepth process of onboarding as easy and convenient as possible. We carefully crafted content for each page to build trust and credibility and convince new users to try new products. The dynamic yet flexible dashboards also help partners easily track the success of their products and identify different target audiences, to improve their experience of the products.