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We have curated omnipresent healthcare solutions, which has impacted millions of users across the globe.

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Industry leader in healthcare design

We collaborate with our clients to create enhanced experiences by our deep expertise in Healthcare IT. Our process has helped Products & Services to scale and address the holistic user needs.

  • Patient and Doctor Centric Solutions

    We design the experiences for the emerging needs of the users with the aid of the latest technology, resulting in enriched and efficient clinical care solutions.

  • Research Driven Medical Insights

    We conduct qualitative research to discover the critical pain points of the existing process in healthcare, and identify the potential gaps to translate them into digital solutions.

  • Domain Expertise with Industry Mentorship

    We have strong domain expertise with multidisciplinary support to create value based solutions in the industry.

  • Future Focused Design Solutions

    We aim to create omni present healthcare solutions, bringing precision medical practices closer to the users.

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Our solutions help improve precision and accuracy, both key factors in healthcare.

Impactful solutions provided to our clients

Our thorough research methodologies have earned us expertise in the following impactful solutions which has yielded better results for both business and users.

  • Medical Wearables

    We have designed Smart and Hybrid devices with self monitoring experiences, by bringing together the most innovative methods of structuring, connected, coherent and coordinated data together. It allows users with guidance and health alerts.

  • E-Patient Records

    Leveraging the technology advancements in healthcare, we have created organized health file repositories abiding to security regulations to provide greater accessibility for the users.

  • HMIS

    We have created a well defined information framework with organized data collection and compilation processes, allowing decentralization of information, allowing greater convenience of the information by the Hospital staff.

  • Telehealth

    We have designed the experiences for healthcare practitioners and the patients to indulge in seamless communication through intuitive navigation and post consultation support on the platforms.

  • Que Management

    We have designed the insightful patient management systems on the platforms that have led hospitals to provide greater experience to their patients and gain higher NPS for their services.

  • AI and Chatbots

    We have curated, personalized and customized chatbots on the platforms to address the needs of the users on time, and also let the process of capturing the relevant information to provide the suitable solutions.

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