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Delighted to know that you want to learn something from us. Here are few things to know before you apply.

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    Why have you named your company as Lollypop?

    The credit is crowned to Yuvan, Anil’s son for helping us with this beautiful name. We were breaking our heads, ideating for a suitable name be and suddenly Yuvan pronounced Lollypop. He not only captured our attention but our imagination as well. Lollypop is everything that we wanted our brand to communicate; designing experiences that leave a sweet mark on your life and hence Lollypop came into being!.

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    Where is Lollypop headquartered? Do you have more branches?

    Lollypop is headquartered out of Bangalore and has branches in Mumbai and Chennai.

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    What are the services that Lollypop provides?

    We are a dedicated Research driven Experience Design Studio. To breakdown, we can help you with User Research, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Interaction Design, User Testing, and Front End Development for the website, applications, web apps, wearables, or any other digital platform. Know more about our process  here

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    What are the best design studios in India? Why does Lollypop claim to be the Best UX UI Design Studio?

    We have been ranked as the ‘Top UX/ UI Design Studio- Global’ continuously for the third year in a row, by Clutch; a third party reviewal platform based on our quality, expertise and client reviews. We also bagged the prestigious Design X Awards, 2018 and were announced as ‘India’s Best Design Studio’ by Usability Matters, the pioneering design community of India.

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    What clients have you worked for?

    Lollypop has been fortunate to work with a wide range of innovative ideas right from Startups to Fortune 500 companies. Here are a few brands; Paytm Money, Swiggy, Myntra, Stanford University, Asian Paints, Viacom 18, EY, Zee5.

    Here is a detail of the clients we have worked with.

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    What domains does Lollypop have expertise in?

    Design is domain agnostic; our process and expertise help us adapt to different domains as per the requirements. However, if we have to give you a number, we have helped reimagine 25 plus domains collaborating with clients across 14 countries. But if we have to outline the domains where we have worked the most, we would say, Fintech, Healthtech, Real Estate, Education, Sportstech, and Entertainment. You can check our work here. 

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    What is UX Research?

    The field of UX Research helps to unearth the conscious and subconscious behavior of people that make them like/ dislike a product. Hence, in order to understand the myriad experiences, emotions, thoughts, behavior, motivations, reactions, actions, and attitudes that are displayed by the target audience when using a digital service/ product, we need researchers in the team. These people are expert in decoding human behavior and help lay a foundation for digital design or human-centered design. Read the complete version here.

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    What is UX Design?

    UX design, in the most basic sense, is the process that helps determine the usability, as well as subsequent desirability, of a product; by taking into account all aspects of the user’s psychological journey with it. UX design entirely revolves around creating a detailed framework for the product by prioritizing on user needs.

    UX design is a vital component in building the image of a given product--mobile app, website, etc vis-a-vis the response of the user; that is drawn from the functional utility, aesthetic appeal, and overall efficiency of that product. Read the complete version here.

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    What is UI Design?

    The process of designing any great product--app, website, or other--mainly incorporates the aspects of functionality and aesthetic quality. As has already been established, UX design makes up the functional aspects of a given product. The equally essential visual and interactive elements are covered by UI (User Interface) Design. Put simply, UI makes up the personality and voice of the product; and by extension, it's brand. Read the complete version here.

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    What is Front End Development?

    Front-end web development, also known as client-side development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website or web application so that a user can see and interact with them directly.

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    What do you mean by UX Design is domain agnostic?

    Yes, the UX design is domain agnostic; our process and expertise help us adapt to different domains as per the requirements. However, if we have to give you a number, we have helped reimaged 25 plus domains collaborating with clients across 14 countries.

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    Does Lollypop create Design Systems?

    Yes, Lollypop has established expertise in creating design systems. We create design systems on demand, not as default. Because it requires additional effort and time, which the client should be okay about. We have created DS for our recent few projects, and we are exploring that arena more to understand better and innovate more.

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    What are the final deliverables at Lollypop?

    For the design engagement, we will give you the PSD or Sketch files on a platform like Marvel or Invision that allows for easy development. If we are collaborating for Frontend Development as well, we will provide you with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files depending on the development framework.

  • 8. 

    What is a PSD file and how will my developers use it?

    Simply put, a PSD is a Photoshop design file. Technically, it stands for Photoshop Document that can be used by developers to code. The PSD file helps developers to understand the design guidelines and elements such as the font, color palette, spacing, layout, and structure well. They can group similar elements to create the development framework and code.

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    Will I get HTML files in UI Design?

    No, you will get PSD files in UI Design which can be used by developers to produce HTML files.

  • 10. 

    Will you provide me with a prototype for presentations?

    Lollypop will create clickable prototypes in the Marvel app or Invision app post completion of the UI designs. These prototypes can be used for presentations, product walkthroughs and contains the UI assets for developers to use as the input and guide for conversion of designs into Front End code.

  • 11. 

    What will be the age/experience of the designers working on my project?

    User Experience is a nascent field. We would suggest looking at the work experience over age. Lollypop has a combined experience of over 25 plus years in the field of design and all our designers come with a good command over visual tools. There is a design lead assigned to each project who drives innovation and ensures that new quality benchmarks are created consistently.

  • 12. 

    How much time does it take to design a website/ app?

    The time for designing a website/ app will directly depend on the scope of the project. We have had instances where we had put multiple people on a single project to complete the project fast but this would spike up the costs.

  • 13. 

    How much does UX/ UI Design cost?

    The cost of the project is directly proportional to the scope of the project. However, the basic engagement costs with Lollypop can range anywhere between USD 30 - USD 75 per hour depending on the complexity, scope, terms of engagement, and various other factors.

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    What is the different pricing model that Lollypop follows?

    We generally follow multiple pricing models to accommodate the different needs of our clients:

    Retainer Model: This model is adopted where the scope of the project is ambiguous and we are exploring research and innovation. We take on the role of design consultants and help brands discover the hidden potentials and possibilities with their users. The minimum engagement period starts from 3 months and can extend as per the project requirement.

    Fixed Bid Model: It is recommended only for the projects where we are extremely clear about the scope of the project and needs little or no innovation. Here based on the scope of the project, we commit to the timelines and thereby costs are calculated.

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    What qualifications do I need to be a part of Lollypop Design team?

    You do not need any qualifications as per se. But a good knowledge of design principles and tools along with a design portfolio would suffice.

  • 2. 

    What qualities do you look in a designer while hiring?

    Lollypop believes in hiring good character and that skills can be taught. You have to be a team player, respectful and honest individual to be able to pass the base criteria. However, the knowledge of design tools and proficiency of design fundamentals is also a prerequisite.

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    What questions should we come prepared for in a design interview?

    We would like to know about you, who are you as a person. Along with that, we will ask you to explain the design process and justification of the design elements used during your task phase.

  • 4. 

    Do you work with Freelancers?

    No, we do not work with the freelancers. All our projects are under strict NDA and to protect and honor our client's privacy and IP rights, we only work with the in-house fulltime designers who abide by the studio’s non-disclosure agreements.

  • 5. 

    Do you provide Internships?

    Yes, we provide internships to the design students who are willing to spend a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 6 months with us. Every intern has to undertake a small task and interview as a part of the screening process.

  • 6. 

    How much do you pay to an intern?

    We place every intern on a real-life case study to ensure that every individual at Lollypop grows while at studios. Other than this we provide a monthly stipend of 15,000 to all our interns.

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