Revolutionizing Digital experiences in Telecom

We strive to simplify underlying hardware and software ecosystem through top notch design coupled with great domain expertise.

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Transforming the telecom ecosystem with design-first approach

We have extensive experience in designing complex scalable solutions which we bring to the telecom world.

  • Challenge with
    multi-vendor NOC

    Custom design and develop solution to overcome compatibility, manageability, visibility and scalability challenges typically witnessed in multi-vendor NOC.

  • Increase the ARPU of
    your enterprise

    Bundle services, upsell, cross-sell, improve client retention, and expand your customer base with custom-designed, user-friendly web/mobile applications.

  • Drive business to
    your website

    We excel in building well-designed, user-friendly, and conversion-rate optimized marketing websites while keeping your business needs in mind.

  • Data visualization &
    internal tools

    Design and develop easy-to-understand and actionable overview of your company's objectives on a single pane of glass using our top-notch data visualization tools. 

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Telecom brands that we partnered with

From startups to known brands we have many stories to tell

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Our Process

We improve overall customer experience through different digital channels with focus on ease of use, accessibility and personalization.


We undertake research by holding discovery workshops based on industry data, client data, and internal network industry expertise to find genuine audience needs and pain points.

Customer Assessment

We create solutions keeping focus on the users and their needs in each phase of the design process.

User Personas

Creating detailed profiles of customer segments to help product and service design.


We approach design as a collaborative process with our customers to ensure that we are constantly in tune with their business goals and identify optimal design solutions for the best results.

Work Flow Automation

Reduce manual effort, increase efficiency, and improve accuracy and consistency in the design process.


Find the optimal design solution that meets the desired business needs while minimizing costs & maximising benefits.


We build pixel-perfect, scalable, high-quality digital applications utilizing cutting-edge technology that meet our detailed design specifications. 

System Implementation

Build and implement end to end systems and integrating the solution with existing systems and data sources.

Design Specifications

Build detailed design specifications while defining functional and non-functional requirements for digital solutions.

Delivering exceptional experiences to customers

Learn more about our services directly from a client who has collaborated with us previously.

Impactful solutions provided to our clients

We provide meaningful and actionable data-driven insights that represent the voice of the users and resonate with your business objectives.

  • Intuitive prototypes to optimize engineering time

    By keeping the user and their needs in consideration during each phase of the design process, we produce user-friendly prototypes while also minimizing engineering time.

  • Revamp of legacy UI for monitoring systems

    We work closely with network administrators to factor in business goals and drive revenue. We achieve this by identifying pain points, optimizing workflows and implementing intuitive solutions that meet design standards.

  • Data rendition in a single pane of glass

    We’ve designed data visualization interfaces that glean valuable insights from terabytes of backend data, all displayed through a management console done in collaboration between Terralogic engineering, NOC and the deployment wing's expertise. 

  • Maintaining brand identity during M&A. 

    We use design to increase revenue while maintaining brand identity during M&A challenges. We assist clients with UI/UX strategy, logo and brand identity, which is visible in all transformed user and network-level apps, resulting in increased ARPU.

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