We’re a Tribe of
 artists  architects  writers  engineers

Join our diverse team to challenge the status quo and craft brilliance together.
Things that are important to us

Diversity, culture,   respect,  passion,   learning,  music,  travel and lots         of food.

The Building Blocks of our Culture

At Lollypop, we adopt a holistic approach towards the workplace.
  • Cultural Diversity

    Our designers come from diverse backgrounds, contributing to the culture in their own unique ways.

  • Learning and Growth

    We believe in multi-dimensional growth & encourage participation in all aspects of the work we do.

  • Passion and Respect

    Our passion for design comes from respecting diverse perspectives and embracing the unexplored.

  • Here for a Good Time

    We are just as serious about food, coffee, drinks and enjoying ourselves, as we are about design.

4 countries and a diverse set of experiences

Find us across the globe! We believe in continuous evolution and growth.

Join our tribe to celebrate design!

If our story excites you, hop on and let’s craft some sweet experiences together!

Sales & Marketing

If you think you can sell square shaped wheels to a car dealer, like to use spreadsheets to plan your vacations and enjoy making to-do lists to manage your daily chores, you are just who we need! Submit your resume now!

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