An omni-channel experience for the Govt. of Qatar

Providing information and services to all citizens, residents, visitors and businesses in an efficient and effective manner, in line with the objectives of the e-government of Qatar.

Government e-Services portal Qatar Responsive website design & development
The Challenge

Hukoomi is a government portal powered by one of the core ministries of the Government of Qatar. The principal purpose of the portal was to create an omni-channel experience for residents of the country & visitors around the usage of government services. The portal should make the government services thoroughly accessible in a convenient, efficient, & transparent manner through a significant transformation of e-governance.

Few of the major challenges were to craft a portal which is easy & convenient to transit & to find artifacts on, with a fluent user-centric navigation approach. We were assigned with a task to create lasting recall values & trustworthiness to prompt users to seek the portal for assistance whenever they would want to interact with government entities online. The portal was required to provide a curated, comprehensive & personalized experience for a specific sub-persona.


With an assembled team of experts, we leveraged decade old customer data from the ministry’s contact centre to gather first hand observations with the portal’s usage around Qatar Government Services. The team facilitated workshops with stakeholders & end-users to gather insights around current understanding, usage & expectations from the portal along with pain points and suggestions. We also organised all party meetings with the business and selected vendors to understand the project environment, opportunities, limitations and business asks.

Overall, we discussed & documented a mammoth set of user journeys that needed to be addressed & provided an excellent digital user experience.


Our primary focus was to re-define the government portal by re-imagining the interactions by members of the public including Citizens, Residents & Visitors on the primary landing sections of the portal, and to design a platform which would enable 3rd party ministries to host their undertakings on the portal by creating flexible layout options.

To narrow down our research insights, we relied heavily on well structured documentation, consistently reviewed & maintained by all the stakeholders. We collectively then crafted the Business Requirements Documentation (BRD) & the Technical Requirements Specification (TRS).

We worked on defining a problem statement to solve through design, compiled our reports on different user personas, journey maps, empathy maps, competitor analysis, information architecture and task flows.

Based on the user stories & prerequisites, Lollypop design studio introduced exceptional & distinctive features in the portal.


We evaluated our designs internally with proven practices to measure their effectiveness in regard to credibility and usability. The resultant was a cohesive experience ecosystem around government services that felt curated, usable and useful for users.

The value add we brought in was with an intuitive experience curation, faster way of exploring services and comprehensive documentation that gave a feeling of information completeness on an official trusted government platform.

We have an excellent design constancy in the portal that makes the users feel that they are a part of the portal’s ecosystem even while browsing through a microsite, which was one of the primary objectives of the Qatar Government. We crafted experiences that the users felt comfortable going through, with a sense of confidence and relief with consistent guidance.

Qatar Government Services are now at the user’s fingertips at the comfort of their homes. Users are better aware, better informed and better prepared for all their needs around government services. The outcome has been very well received & it has been featured in Top 10 Government & Institutions Website Designs on DesignRush as one of the best website designs.