Distinctively designed sports tech platform for sports enthusiasts

"A sports platform to connect athletes with sponsors and corporates and students and parents with sports facilities and trainers."

Runadam India UX/UI design
The challenge

Being among the most unique and pioneering sports tech platforms, RunAdam posed us with many challenges. The first and foremost was a deep understanding of the sports ecosystem and the involved players; we were not only looking at the aspiring or established sportspersons but also giving a new interactive platform to every related career within the sports field a new opportunity. We also had to ensure that the designs were cross-platform and extremely easy to use, as our audience represented different tech savviness.


RunAdam is a 360-degree sports technology platform, to help and empower aspiring sportspersons all over the world. It aims to bring together all the sports stakeholders under one platform. By integrating data, creating access, facilitating communication – the sporting ecosystem is now a click away. Our designs aim to help realize every sporting dream.


The Define phase started with shaping the problem statement at hand and taking a complete download of information from the clients. We were certain that an idea as novice as this required in-depth research and understanding of the sports ecosystem. Our research resulted in identifying the key personas; viz., athletes, coaches, sports professionals, and the general public.

We were also able to identify other opportunities and needs during the research phase such as the need for booking a venue, hiring a coach. Established athletes were inclined towards an option of choosing to mentor an aspiring athlete and many businesses were willing to sponsor an athlete etc.

Our user journeys helped us design a cohesive and coherent platform that successfully fulfills the needs of all the members of the sporting ecosystem.


The visual journey for RunAdam started with the brand identity; we had to ideate on the name, brand colors and logo even before visualizing the platform. The name RunAdam signifies the enthusiasm to chase one’s dreams. The brand colors reciprocate and strengthen the brand’s vision and bring forth its personality; Blue represents increased focus and a clear thought process, Orange communicates enthusiasm and happiness, and finally Red gives the energy and strength to chase those dreams.

RunAdam’s logo has multiple significances; the symbol represents the letter ‘R’, and a human being running, while the lines on the typeface represent the cuts that are gained while training. The thought symbolizes sportsmanship; a mindset that’s always ready for a challenge and fights against all odds to become stronger.

Through cross-platform, our designs adopt a mobile-first approach to ensure that the design language is similar across all the platforms. We have used the Card style layout to ease the users’ understanding and for greater accessibility as our sportspersons are always pressed for time. The app also shows off a large collection of custom-made illustrations and icons, and about 40 illustrations, to increase the app familiarity.

Lollypop understood what I wanted to achieve as well as our broader objectives.

Yeragaselvan Kumarasamy

Founder, RunAdam