E-learning just became a lot more exciting

A digital platform that helps professionals across domains, upskill and develop new expertise for recognition and growth in the global corporate environment.

KnowledgeHut India UX research, UX & UI design for web & mobile app

‘Knowledgehut’ as the name suggests is a place for learning. It’s an E-Learning platform with ‘Virtual Classrooms’ and ‘Training Programs’. Every module, every bit here required to emanate a sense of learning and knowledge.


We had to drive on their core principle, making “Knowledgehut” synonymous with “Empowering Workforce”. This meant that it had to be defined as a dynamic e-learning platform where one can learn and also teach amidst a fast-paced world of evolving technologies. With innumerous courses of different durations, our focus was to increase the accessibility through balanced grid and to reflect strong consistency in every page by defining all modules.


We began by building on the existing brand of Knowledgehut. Since they already had a website, our intention was to simulate the virtual learning center with vibrancy and added spark reflecting youth. Colors and Font were carefully picked to maintain the focus on content and provide a fine balance of legibility and readability. We also worked to produce a very simple and descriptive guide to help toggle between pages and courses.