Empowering researchers in discovery and development of precision medicine

An intuitive, state-of-the-art cloud-based platform that aids biotechnology practitioners in research.

Mission Bio USA Web app UX & UI

The biggest challenge for us was to understand the subtleties of the niche segment within Bio-Technology that Mission Bio practised in. Secondly, we had to heavily rely on the inputs received from our clients, as we didn’t get direct access to the actual users.

Another challenge for us was to keep the data visualization interfaces extremely intuitive and devoid of clutter to empower the end-users for making quick and informed decisions.


Mission Bio is a leading biotechnology company that empowers researchers and clinicians to unlock single-cell biology to enable the discovery, development, and delivery of precision medicine.

They were spun out of Adam Abate’s lab for high-throughput biology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) in 2014.

Mission Bio wanted to enhance the experience of its end users by offering digital, intuitive and state-of-art applications. They engaged team Lollypop to design and develop a customer portal for engaging clients seamlessly by providing a single point of access for all the transactional and profile information. On top of that, Mission Bio wanted us to design a one-of-a-kind cloud-based Designer platform that could aid biotech practitioners in cancer research.

Additionally, they wanted to overhaul their data visualisation desktop application ‘Tapestri’, to enhance the intuitiveness, usability and functionality of the application.


Before proceeding with the design, we conducted a comprehensive research on business and user objectives. Mission Bio team assisted us in gaining an in-depth understanding of their application and provided relevant documentation that helped us understand their business model, customer journey, marketing and sales funnel etc.

To comprehend their data visualisation desktop application ‘Tapestri’, Mission Bio engaged us with a Bioinformatics Consultant. This helped to decipher the application, domain and the users precisely.

Our researchers visited several healthcare centres to analyse and understand domain-specific processes and applications & instruments available to researchers/ bioinformaticians for cancer research.


The visual language for all three products is very simple and follows close design guidelines of its branding. Since the web app users are data scientists and medical geniuses, the app has been designed with minimum distractions and is on the point; the idea is to have the users waste absolutely no time and get what they want.

The platform is extremely data and number heavy, hence, you will find a lot of white spaces and easy to understand tables and charts. The whole app has extremely simple iconography for increased relevance and a guided tour on the steps to be taken on the platform. For the tapestry insights application, the data visualization is made extremely simple; charts give a quick overview of the statistics that matter to the users within seconds.