Simplifying investment through research and design

An online platform for mutual fund investments which provides users with a fully digital experience that’s intuitive, assistive, and hassle-free.

Paytm Money India Mobile app UX & UI design

PayTm Money is an online platform for mutual funds investment and a wholly own subsidiary of Paytm. It intends to provide users with a fully digital investing experience that’s intuitive, assistive, and hassle-free. Indian masses have been recently introduced to a cashless economy and still hold reservations with online transactions, hence, less than 1.5% of the population invest online.

Though there were several challenges, we consider defining the right content structure that provides users with the answers to every question within a few seconds as among the hardest. Our research laid out clear frustrations with the KYC and hence we had to ensure that we could solve this very intelligently with all legalities in place. Finally, we had to live up to the expectation of the parent Paytm brand to ensure continued trust and support from over a billion user group.


People around India have been living their ideology of investing their small-time investments into community-based chit funds in favor of good returns. But as the country moves towards more of digital currency, the conversion rate is expected to increase in the modern era. Lollypop was approached to craft mobile and web apps for them.

The Paytm Money team assisted us in understanding the domain, user groups and walked us through a few critical data points. Being a mass application, it was important to give attention to persona mapping; We divided users into four groups for building up a persona so that most of the people in the society would fall under one category from an investment viewpoint.

Few of the interesting insights were observed, such as most users were interested in a good and credible source of information on mutual fund investment options and an easy investment tracker to keep them updated within seconds.


For a first-time investor, Mutual Funds could be a tricky territory to set foot in. Hence, it was absolutely necessary to educate and assist the users to help them make informed decisions. Entire design direction is central to content, a lot of importance was given to the content structure. Based on the user’s expertise,different journeys were crafted on to the app to understand each question that they might ask, and this was translated into the app features and flow. The modules were crafted based on the touch points of different user groups.

We have used the navigation bar on top for easy access to the complete set of features and functionalities. Complicated KYC (Know Your Customer) was the major hindrance, and, hence, we have ensured that the user spends minimum time on this while being compliant with all the required legalities. The big form was reduced to as little as six steps and the user could be verified within 30 minutes to actively start investing on platform.


The visual design of Paytm Money leverages the trust factor from the parent company Paytm’s branding in terms of the colors used. In addition to this, the Design of Paytm Money is such that the user is always guided throughout using small animations, detailed videos, and colorful interfaces. The typeface used is Roboto, which is quite easy to read. The typography has been picked keeping in mind the heavy mobile usage and also ensuring good quality on lower end phones too.

Gradients have been introduced for a fresh look-and-feel. Customized illustrations have played a very important role in conveying the meaning of complex Fintech terms to users. It is through these that the user can understand and identify sections of the app better. Every section and component of paytm Money is enriched with icons to combat the strong presence of numbers and text.

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