Our story of collaboration with Terralogic

Posted on  16 July, 2019

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. – Rynosuke Satoro

I came back to Bangalore as a designer with a dream of ‘Placing India on a World Map’ to foster a world of opportunities for Indian designers. Today, after six years of hard work, we are a team of 150 plus designers, crafting crazy experiences for clients across the globe. The design ecosystem in India is also becoming stronger and we see many active players contributing to the growth of design culture; this leaves me speechless and full of gratitude. Together, I believe, that at least to a certain extent, we are accelerating towards our vision. WDO (World Design Organization) announcement of Bangalore and Valencia to be the World Design Capital 2022, couldn’t have come at a better time. It truly feels like, I am living my dream. I sometimes do pinch myself to check if all of this is a reality 🙂 

Anil Reddy

But in my journey of entrepreneurship, I have learned many things. The most important one is that of networking and collaborating to create better opportunities. Alone,  one’s capabilities are limited, can do only as much but with the right team, no vision is impossible. For example, when I started small, I used to do everything myself from sales to design to management but as we grew, I had my team to run the show. And, they did an amazing job! The beauty of having the right people is that you can focus on something bigger, something that is in the best interest for everyone while your team takes care of the rest.

Lollypop team image

Today, it’s again time to welcome the new members to our Lollypop tribe and together we dare to dream bigger and better for all of us. I take immense pleasure in announcing that Lollypop has decided to collaborate with Terralogic Inc., a California based leading global digital solution provider lead by Renil Komitla and advised by Ash Bhardwaj.

We envision ‘a digitally connected world that is empowered with humanistic yet technologically advanced environments.’ This strategic collaboration will help us leverage each other’s strength to emerge as a one-stop solution for transforming businesses digitally.

This means Lollypop is becoming stronger in its service acumen. We will leverage each others’ expertise to provide better digital solutions that would truly help our clients in their digital transformation. By joining hands with Terralogic Solutions, our expertise will extend in the areas of IoT, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and AI. We will also become an end to end solution agency with superior technological and software know-how. Hence we would be in a better position to disrupt every new age technology with a people-first approach.

Lollypop merges with Terralogic

Let me tell you a backdrop of this partnership. This was not an easy decision and a really emotional one for me, but, after months of contemplation with my team, we went ahead. Like every other startup, even we were very cautious though equally excited. The collaboration opportunity came from the same team that was responsible for scaling Frog Design. And, being an ardent follower and fan of Frog design, this was nothing short of a miracle. I had an opportunity to personally meet Ash and Renil several times. We had lengthy discussions about this partnership and something that really moved me and my team was the passion towards the shared vision. Our values at the core are the same; outlining mutual respect, freedom, and commitment towards excellence.

Anil discussion with Renil

After many rounds of internal discussion, we have finally decided on having Renil and Ash on our advisory board. They have worked with designers before and have a good understanding of the design process and the intricacies that we have to maintain. They value and share our passion for digital experiences. Lollypop Studios can now count San Francisco, Dallas, Utah, Ho Chi Minh, and Dubai, among one of its many many offshore offices.

Lollypop Studios location

For the ending note, I would just like to thank everyone for their continued support, encouragement, and opportunities. We assure you that for Lollypop Design, it is and will always be about excellence, now and forever. All design procedures; standard operating practices, and unflinching attention to detail remain unchanged; the culture of our design tribe is what we take pride in and our focus on humanizing technology through design is growing stronger every passing minute. Today, we set sail for a path in newer seas. Tomorrow, we take many more.

Thank you for your continued support.