Are You A Realist OR A Creative Person?

Posted on  18 August, 2015

The war between the creative and the realists has been going on for a long time. While none can really work without each other’s skills, they sure do have a unique mind each of them. Do you think you are a realist or a creative mind?

Read more to find out!
  1. Miracle believer or logical trustee?

The creative people don’t find comfort in numbers and statistics. They find comfort in miracles, possibilities and other things like hope and faith. Realists believe in logic. The realists rely on facts, proof and experience.

  1. Cannot stay put in one place or cannot get up till work is done?

Creative people need to work in different environments to get inspired whereas logically people don’t mind working in a dull room. The room couldn’t matter any less to them. As long as work gets done, it keeps them happy!

  1. Takes an hour or a day to finish the same project?

If you’re creative, when you’re inspired to highest of levels you would complete a days work within hours because you are so motivated and focused! Where as logical people take work one day at a time, divide their work and work on deadlines to finish on time!

  1. Are your arguments based on gut feeling or research?

When you strongly feel something about a certain topic, if you argue with your gut, your probably the creative one who talks with emotions and experiences but if you look at stats and the news and argue on facts, your probably a realist!

  1. Small picture or big picture?

A realist looks at the bigger picture, the results and the end. A creative person looks at the details, perfecting a task and doing it well.

  1. Goes with the flow v/s thinks they can change the future

Realists just go with the flow. If the flow is good they are more than happy and if it’s bad they just can’t wait for the day to end! Creative people tend to believe doing something today can change tomorrow. How creating a masterpiece today can create a ripple in the system the next day!

  1. How emotional are you?

It’s easy to take advantage of a creative person. They are more emotional beings. They believe in love, sharing and always have a friendly nature. Realists know what could hurt them and so they switch of their emotions with ease and practical talks.

  1. Inspiration v/s results?

You guessed this one right. While inspiration fuels the creative mind, results fuel the realists.

So have you decided which one are you? Creative, realist or a mix for both?