Designing Spreadsheet training program platform for professionals

A training platform that is designed to provide practical excel training programs for professionals to achieve efficiency, productivity and career transformation.

Recalc Academy USA Website Design & Development
The Challenge

Launched as a startup accelerator platform, Recalc has been built to provide personalised and engaging Excel training programs for professionals to attain efficiency in spreadsheets. Recalc aims to offer expert training programs for individuals and corporates in banking, consulting, and private equity firms. The programs are highly interactive and personalised with engagement from the founder, Katie, herself.

Our mission was to redesign a website that would reflect the values and benefits of Recalc’s training programs. As a new entrant in the market, building brand awareness was one of the top challenges for Recalc. Establishing and maintaining trust with customers is always a critical component for long-term success. As a result, the Lollypop team had to come up with a minimal website that conveyed Recalc’s value proposition & brand identity. Based on this information & various user flows, we were able to resolve the challenges in the new website design.


The stakeholders were involved in every brainstorming & ideation workshop. This ensured that the users’ needs were taken care of without a disconnect. Lollypop team believed that identifying personas was a powerful and versatile technique to get insights & a great way to synthesize the user research. We analysed the competition by conducting a research and gain knowledge regarding what best suits our project. This helped us build the website that gained visibility among users.


Based on the research and our understanding of Recalc, the Lollypop team followed a comprehensive design process where:

  • We started with journey maps which is a detailed visualization that shows how a user-based persona is feeling throughout the process of using the training program.
  • “We then created task flows to imply visualize the motivations”.
  • *We defined, understood and built a simple and adaptable Information Architecture.


We started with logo design and subsequently designed wireframes. We used ubiquitous mathematical symbols, namely the parenthesis and the equal sign to form the basis of this brand mark and establish trust with consumers.


The designs imply the intrinsic values of Recalc – dynamic and progressive. Overall, the visual design is created from a perspective to build trust among customers, reduce drop-off rate and increase revenue. The website is very simple which conveys the value proposition offered and helps customers with easy and convenient navigation. We carefully crafted content for each page to build trust and credibility and convince new users to try the courses available. The dynamic yet flexible screens are designed to convey the benefits and allow the platform to be scalable and simplified to improve the experience of the users.

Listen to what our esteemed client has to say

Katie, founder of Recalc Academy, on how we took her idea to launch and scale.