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What is a Design Audit?

Design Audits are preventive checkups performed by UI/UX experts on a website/app to identify deficiencies vis-a-vis the ideal experience of the website/app.

Why do you need a Design Audit?

Design audits provide an unbiased and objective view of the website/apps strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable design direction.

  • User Retention

    An understanding of the current and future needs, goals and behaviour of customers

  • Quick Suggestions

    Actionable solutions (based on actual evidence) that support business goals

  • Business Contribution

    Increased conversions, engagement and ROI

  • Objective Analysis

    Unbiased problem detection and solution recommendations.

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When should I perform Design Audit?

Design audits can be performed at all stages of building and deploying a website/app.

  • Pre-launch

    Before releasing your website or app to customers.

  • Post Launch

    2 or 3 years into the lifecycle of your website/app.

  • Pre-development

    Before pushing your website or app design/prototype into development.

How is Design Audit performed?

Our extensive Design Audit process consists of these steps

  1. Understand the goals

    Our UX/UI experts discuss the main business and usability objectives with stakeholders with the help of a workshop.

  2. Review the website/app

    With the help of heuristics evaluation and design principles framework, our team goes through the customer journey, brand guidelines and reviews your website/app.

  3. Record findings

    We create an evaluation document that records the main UX/UI obstacles and gaps in style, hierarchy, typography.

  4. Recommend Solutions

    We suggest solutions, roadmaps, quick wins and strategic design directions in the form of a detailed report.

Some fun facts about Design Audit

Some facts that are absolutely needed to be aware of about Design Audit.

  • Uncover Problems

    A two-week audit can uncover 80% of the problems with your website or application.

  • Avoiding Bad Experience

    76% of respondents will switch to a competitor if they have had just one bad experience.

  • Consistence UI

    73% of brands cant provide a consistent experience across their different digital channels.

  • Lead Conversions

    Visit-to-lead conversions can be 400% higher on sites with a a superior user experience.


When in doubt always ask

  • When should you perform a design audit?

    Design audits should be performed prior to the major redesign of a product or website. Audits can also be performed proactively - once every 2 years - outside of the major design cycles of the product, to ensure that the product continues to serve user needs, and lives up to usability standards.

  • Do you need users for a Design Audit?

    No, users are not required to conduct a design audit. Unlike usability testing, where real users are required to test the usability of the product, design audits can be performed by UX experts by inspecting prototypes with sufficient details, based on UX standards and principles.

  • Who is in your Design Audit team?

    Typically, the team assigned to a design audit consists of one UX Researcher, one UX Designer and one UI Designer. Design audits with a larger scope and agenda might need the involvement of a Project Manager and a Design Lead.

  • How much time does a typical engagement take?

    Length of the audit entirely depends on the scope of the project. Audits can last from a week to a month, depending on the length and breadth of the application, product or platform.

  • What are the benefits of a Design Audit?

    There are many direct and indirect benefits of performing Design Audits. Audits can have a direct and positive impact on conversion rates, lead generation and engagement. Design audits can also improve the design and usability of a website, which in turn will lead to happier customers who require less customer support.

  • What are some of the deliverables at the end of an engagement?
    • 1. You will receive a comprehensive, written report describing our expert usability insights, clustered around topics and themes.
    • 2. You will receive actionable advice on what and how to improve your product/application/platform.
    • 3. You will receive a roadmap and practical suggestions for tackling the challenges identified during the audit.
    • 4. Our UX/UI expert will present the results of the audit on the final day.
  • How do UX Experts from Lollypop approach a project?

    First, the UX expert will evaluate your application, product or platform to identify and document the scope of the audit. Once the scope is agreed by the client, the UX expert then sets out to conduct the audit in two well-defined, scientific planned parts: UX Evaluation & UX Research.

    The design audit team will then use different tools, methods and metrics to analyse the product/application/platform until the objective of the engagement is achieved.