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Anil Reddy. Founder & Design director

Joseph Lyons

Lead - UI Designer

With over 15 years of design expertise, Joseph is always seeking for a story to tell, different approaches to tell it, and the perfect scenario to express it. With a strong digital design vision and a willingness to work hands-on, he aspires to transform the way brands communicate by putting the user’s needs at the heart of their communication. He enjoys using design to develop cutting-edge solutions for the digital era. He constantly strives for perfection to achieve the best results, and he brings a proven understanding of creative strategy, vision, communication, and management in the field of digital media, with a focus on global brands. He always believes that : “The most powerful designs start with a story – the why, the purpose – and where design fits into people’s lives.” He is on a quest to establish India as a design destination and he loves to mentor designers. He is continually seeking out like-minded designers with whom he can exchange tales and learn about their experiences. He is also always open to making new connections.