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Research-led design

We leverage qualitative and quantitative UX research services to get companies the firsthand insights for better results at the scale and speed business demands.

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From startups at seed stage to fortune 500 companies, our researchers have studied it all!

Our clients chose us because we provide meaningful and actionable data-driven insights that represent the voice of a user and resonate with business objectives.

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Why organizations across the globe choose us for UX Research?

We are a unit of psychologists, designers, architects with a wide range of experience and expertise. As researchers we've come to learn that the true beauty of a product lies in its usability. This is the motto we chase after.

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    Actionable insights

    We drive business impact through both actionable and informational insights.

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    Tailored Approach

    We specialise in a variety of deep research as well as quicker, more agile projects.

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    Remote and In-Person Interviews

    Wherever your users may be, we connect with them through on-field research.

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    Scientific Practice and Use of Technology

    Our team is experienced in nuanced tools and methods like eye tracking & brainwave mapping.

Our UX Research Services

We explore both the current state of your product and future business opportunities. Here is a brief overview of our UX research services.

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    User Interviews

    A structured research methodology to obtain qualitative information from users. Users are asked questions to gather information about their behaviors, needs, preferences, motivations, and frustrations.

    Purpose: Provide insights into the user's goals, motivations, and pain points which need to be considered to design an engaging user experience.

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    Usability Tests

    A testing method used to evaluate a product or service by testing it with representative users. It helps to measure and gain insights regarding the performance of the current app in accomplishing critical tasks.

    Purpose: Reveals areas of confusion and uncover opportunities to improve the overall user experience majorly on the app.

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    Concept Validation + Exploratory Research

    A method used in early stages of develpment for a new product or feature set. It helps the business understand how users feel about ideas or concepts before investing resources to build a potentially unsuccessful idea.

    Purpose: Through concept validation, we gauge user perception and sometimes co-create with them to inform which direction a product can be developed in.

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    Competitor Analysis + Benchmarking

    A comprehensive tabular study of the features, differentiators, strengths, weaknesses, geography, market share, etc of the top competitors of the platform.

    Purpose: Provides insights into the strength and weaknesses of the competitors and helps to identify the opportunities for our app.

Our UX research tools that help us find the solution

We provide meaningful and actionable data-driven insights that represent the voice of a user and resonate with business objectives.


Dovetail is an Australian firm that creates qualitative data analysis software to facilitate the management and assessment of user research data.


Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to collaborate efficiently on tasks and facilitate agile meetings.


Notion is a software created to assist employees in coordinating deadlines, goals, and tasks in order to improve productivity and efficiency.

Neeraja Mathur
Research Lead

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Our work spans across a number of domains and industries

The knowledge gained from projects across industries helps us to take up new challenges.

  • Healthcare and Wellness

    From wearables to e-patient records; and in-patient services to pharmaceutical services, our design solutions have seamlessly connected the entire healthcare ecosystem.

  • Fintech and Banking

    From online banking services to stock trading platforms; and cryptocurrency exchanges to digital wallets; our design solutions have helped simplify the digital financial landscape.

  • Agritech and Supply Chain

    From farmers to distributors; and suppliers to consumers; our award winning digital solutions have helped empower the agriculture industry.

  • Enterprise and Logistics

    From complex data visualization, to assistive CRM and ERP solutions, we have designed and built products that are easy to launch and can be scaled quickly.

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500K+ Farmers in India use mobile apps for better farming

Thanks to the Climate Corp for believing in Research driven approach to make this happen.

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