An open source library software supporting archival processes

An open source system, called ePADD, was designed by us for the world's most renowned educational institutions. It enables donors and archival organisations to appraise, ingest, process, discover and screen large-scale email archives of historical and cultural value.

Stanford University USA Web app UX & UI design

ePADD is an open source system that enables donors and archival organisations to appraise, process and screen large-scale email archives, thereby unlocking the historical value embedded in them. The potential benefits of such a system is immense for researchers and alike.


A system such as this needs to have well defined primary, secondary and tertiary navigation with subtle distinguishable differences since it is data driven. The data hierarchy also plays an important role in focusing the viewer’s attention towards what needs to be read and analyzed. This data also needs to be supported by clear simple icons for easy scanning of information that is listed.


Since ePADD is segmented into four modules, a primary color for each module was introduced with the same overall layout. A combination of grid and list view was adopted accordingly based on the prominence of data being highlighted. Minimal use of color , alternating with ample white space, made way for a strong identity, yet not too overpowering for a researcher. Any element that could potentially distract one from the main body of content was eliminated.

We didn’t want ePadd to look like a boring library software and that’s why we hired Lollypop. We have been really happy with their work and they have delivered great quality and were on time. Lollypop solved all our concerns and were very responsive.

Sudheendra & Josh

Technical Advisor & Community Manager