Protection against next generation spear-phishing software

A website to highlight the advantages, strengths and uniqueness of Pixm, a software which detects phishing emails at an early stage.

Pixm Inc. USA Website design & Wordpress development

Data shows that 91% of cyber breaches start with phishing emails and companies stand exposed to such threats without much awareness. These attacks have cost billions to companies and have also resulted in the loss of reputation.

Pixm detects the phishing emails at an early stage with the use of cutting-edge computer vision technology and stops these attacks within one second. The software integrates with the device and the browser keeping the users protected at all times.


The focus here was to identify and highlight the strengths, uniqueness, and advantages of Pixm software. To ensure that users derive value as soon as they land on the website, we have highlighted that it is always free and can be downloaded in seconds on the banner space itself. The structure of the website has been kept really simple and the focus has been given to the products page and driving the trust factor.

Product page highlights how the software works and protects the emails along with the unique advantages that the product has to offer. It also talks about the various plans the company has to offer depending on the individual’s and company’s needs.


Since the software is for everyone, our designs had to be universal and hence, we opted for sky blue color – the color that represents the sky. The website has been made visual heavy by breaking all the complex terms and explanations into an easy-to-understand illustration. The illustrations have been further animated to explain the process and simplify the concepts to the users. Subtle use of animations throughout the website helps engage the users and breaks the content monotony.

We have used Poppins and Proxima Nova fonts for the website. Poppins is suitable for modular and minimal websites and has amazing geometric sans serif font whereas Proxima Nova is a hybrid combination of humanistic proportions with a somewhat geometric appearance, balancing the feeling on the website.

The logo design symbolizes how PIXM stops Phishing activities. If one observes closely, we have used the fishhook and a stop shape along with the letter P.