Assistive digital solutions for students in India

A mobile app that aids students looking to excel in competitive exams, while simultaneously guiding and motivating them to achieve better results.

IMS India Web & mobile app design & development, UX, UI
The Challenge

myIMS is an app built for students aspiring to crack competitive exams. It offers a complete digital experience to students who aspire to excel in competitive exams while guiding and motivating them to achieve better results.

The first challenge for us was to craft an intuitive, exciting and engaging platform that could instil confidence in students and encourage them to study smarter. Second, to reduce the clutter in the app to bring forward the more important services and functionalities, so it behaves like an extended support to the Web app. The third challenge for us was to deliver an anytime, anywhere access platform for greater usability and accessibility.


Rising aspirations of students and parents, combined with a highly competitive atmosphere, coaching institutes are rapidly adopting technology to stay connected with their students 24×7. IMS, a leading learning institute which has been an early adopter of digitization, has continuously advanced towards enriching the experience of its students. Lollypop Design was their design partner in re-designing their myIMS app.

Team IMS helped us to understand the vision of the product and the long & short team expectations. The UX Researchers at Lollypop conducted in-depth research to understand the users and their mental model. Listening to the users gave us a fair understanding of their experiences, beliefs, preferences and behavioural pattern.


The existing portal banked heavily on the module tutorials, which guided students to reach to their concerned subjects. On top of that, the clutter in the app caused a cognitive overload on the users.

The research led insights about the user’s interaction with the app that helped us redefine the information architecture and user interface of the application.

Features such as recently visited sessions, most used features, article suggestions were embedded in the app to save the time of the students in navigation. The chat feature enabled the mentors to interact with each and every student personally to guide them more efficiently. The coolest part is not just knowing your progress in the tests but it also advises on how one can improve in scores by providing relevant content.

We integrated the calendar feature with smart notification algorithm, to ensure maximum attendance in all the events such as lectures, exams, etc.


The objective of myIMS app is to deliver a state-of-art learning portal, which can instil confidence in the students while giving them an end-to-end visibility over their preparations. The aim was to reduce the clutter and highlight the features and functionalities that were important to the students.

The information architecture of the myIMS app was created specifically to increase the student’s engagement and interaction with the app. Features such as gamification, chat discussion and instant video tutorials were introduced to add incentive and make it more interactive for the students.

The visual design represents a clean and minimalist approach which focuses on the content and improves the legibility of the app. The semi-rounded details of the fonts give a feeling of warmth, while the strong structure provides stability and seriousness to the app. The colour palette and the subtle UI elements represent the simplicity and friendly nature of the app which makes it more engaging and aesthetically appealing to its users.