Digital workplace solutions that empower enterprises

This platform not also facilitates improved workforce efficiency, but also helps automate business processes that result in time and cost savings.

Hubfly India Intranet design & development in Sharepoint

Hubfly is a Digital Workplace that empowers enterprises with an intranet integrated with intelligent business apps that not just facilitate workforce efficiency but also automate business processes resulting in time and cost savings. They have close to 10 modules/ applications that are inter-connected for a smooth functioning of the businesses.


The Hubfly concept was quite intriguing as it provided us with an opportunity to design various applications ranging from an HRMS to a Productivity tool, all bundled together for increased efficiency of businesses. After the in-depth discussions with the founder, it was clear that the designs had to be extremely intuitive and simple; we also had to draw on the personalization aspect of the user for stimulating the connect and the seamless experience. With the research, we found that most of the current intranet softwares are quite cumbersome and more often than not they ,instead of assisting, end up increasing the work load of the
, hence the adoption of even the customized intranet are extremely low. Moreover, the current softwares do not offer a 360-degree solution to the basic internal needs of the organization. Hence, the structure of the apps and website has been designed in a way that users can be empowered to micro-manage their activities, requests, productivity from a single dashboard and with just few clicks.


The website design drives towards communicating the unique USP offered by the founders of Hubfly. The designs are driven using the primary brand colors for increased reinforcement of the brand. For easy visualization and increased understanding, we have used lot of widgets of the applications on the website and broken down the complex data either through the illustrations, charts, images or graphical representations. Another interesting aspect is we have used their Bot for strengthening the brand image instead of just using the logo.

The designs of the apps are extremely vibrant and heavy on graphics. The boring drop-down lists have been converted to stylish card style layout with images and simple call to action messages. The personalized messages are in the form of a pop-up to answer the queries of the user, hence, enabling them to work from a single screen. The application comes in different color themes and the visualization elements have been designed in terms of charts and easy to understand graphics.