Revolutionising big data analytics and artificial intelligence

A website that was designed to simplify services and processes of the company, and highlight its brand identity and presence.

Factspan USA Website design & Wordpress development

Factspan believes in empowering its users by mining knowledge from the data that sits on the systems of the corporate houses. It helps in solving big business challenges and help in strategic decision making. The team approached us with two clear objectives in mind, first was to have an identity that was global and second simplify the complexity of the services and processes of the company.


Our journey began with proper understanding of the field of Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence; we had few meetings with the team to understand the vision, objective, and business. Our focus was directed towards understanding the current market landscape to help in crafting the global identity. It was very clear that the website had to be very simple with focused attention on Call to Action buttons and the expertise of client. We worked closely on breaking the complexity of data and ensuring that users could be kept engaged from one touch point itself, hence, we have used the carousel navigation to empower and inform users here.


It was fascinating to ideate and personify the brand. Our inspiration stemmed from the principles of Factspan and helped us in shaping the identity and logo; our efforts were to ensure that logo communicated how they are instrumental in the businesses growth by giving direction to the data. The brand color was used as orange to draw attention to the details and pump in the enthusiasm and intelligence associated with it. Lot of illustration and animations were also used to uncomplicate the data complexity and engage user’s attention. If you would see the site ample white space has been used with proper spacing to increase the readability.