aha streaming service

Designing 100% Regional OTT Platform

Aha is a unique OTT platform which delivers regional content all over the world. It aims to be one of the largest platforms that deliver content to users in their native language.


aha is an Indian subscription video on-demand and over-the-top streaming service that offers Telugu and Tamil content. The principal purpose of this redesign was to bring a richer and more premium experience while keeping it simple. The target audience in mind was users ranging from Tier 1, 2, and 3 Indian cities. One of the main keywords emphasized was Glocal which meant global in terms of values, ethos, design elements, and experience and local in terms of simplicity. Some of the other requirements as mentioned by the stakeholders:

  • Make the app feature-rich by allowing users to seamlessly choose and change their content language along with their display language
  • Provide easy content discoverability, parental lock features, and improve the current glitchy TV experience.
  • Design a seamless and an enjoyable TV viewing experience - create guidelines and understand the interactions by studying remotes of various TVs and studying other apps on TV

The team facilitated workshops with stakeholders and end-users to gather insights around current understanding, usage & expectations.

As an MVP was already in the market, we started with understanding the product from the stakeholders. One of the key documents was the brand strategy deck to understand the brand better and incorporate our understanding to ensure a better experience. Some of the key points were:

  • An approach from mobile first to mobile only
  • Sharing & networking of video content via social networking apps along with tips and suggestions
  • Recommendations by friends & family are the primary source of info on platforms and content
  • Understanding

    Interviewing key stakeholders to gather insights about business goals

  • Research

    This phase typically includes both user research and market research

  • Insights

    Drawing insights from all the data collected during the research phase

  • Wireframing

    Visualizing the basic structure of future pages and how they fit together

  • UI Design

    Creating a system of components, patterns, and styles for UI design

  • Testing

    Verifying that every function of an app is working exactly as required

Product Discovery

  • Understanding brief Understood the purpose of
    redesign and problems to solve
  • Success metrics Studied which KPIs were used to
    measure the UX effectiveness
  • Brand positioning Discussed the OTT market behaviour
    of the target audience in these areas
  • Reviews Worked at resolving common pain
    points of exisiting customers
  • Questions/Suggestions Gatherthed more areas needed
    solving in the form of requirements
  • Vision Acknowledged behaviour of potenial
    users to solve their problems

We covered the watching
behavior of every user group this
product intends to cater

  • I'm Vamsi, a crazy binge watcher

    25 Years | Male | Telangana

    Vamsi works as a software engineer. He is a bachelor who lives with his parents. He is at work from 10 am-6 pm on weekdays. He has ample time after work, and he usually meets his friends. They binge-watch shows and always end up having huge debates so he always needs to

    Watch time:

    4-5 hrs/day


    Mobile, TV, Web

    Tech Saviness


    • Discovers exclusive content
    • Debates with friends/family
    • Watches in transit
    • Joins movie clubs
    • Loves series, action, sport

    Pain Points

    • Needs seamsless switch
    • Personalized suggestions


    • Consumes multiple languages
    • Uses multiple devices
    • Prime hours 8-12 pm
    • Experiment with technology
    • Prefers voice search on TV
  • I'm Vasudha, I watch selected content

    29 Years | Female | Tamil Nadu

    Vasudha is married and has a lot of responsibilities. She works as a sales manager from 10 am to 6 pm. She watches TV shows with her husband and 2 children. She prefers light-hearted comedy, and family drama so that the family can spend some quality time together. She watches new shows but at her own pace and convenience.

    Watch time:

    3-4 hrs/day


    Mobile, TV, Web

    Tech Saviness


    • Watches specific genres
    • Switches devices to watch
    • Needs parental control
    • Joins movie clubs
    • Loves drama, comedy, series

    Pain Points

    • Less content
    • Personalized suggestions
    • Hard to search


    • Discovers content on mobile/TV
    • Uses multiple devices
    • Prime hours 9-12 pm
    • Watches exclusive films.
    • Uses parental control.
  • I'm Keshav, I watch anything and everything

    35 Years | Male | Andra Pradesh

    Keshava drives Ola auto from 8 am till 8 pm. He is crazy about Telugu movies and is completely star-studded. He enjoys watching movies while he is on the go as well! His day starts with driving auto and playing his favorite movie on the side and ends with the same. He uses Aha obsessively as that is the only platform he can find 100% Telegu movies.

    Watch time:

    7-8 hrs/day



    Tech Saviness


    • Watches everything
    • Loves movie stars
    • Loyal towards stars
    • Watches Telugu content

    Pain Points

    • Hard to search
    • Personalized suggestions
    • Prefers voice search


    • Discovers content on
    • Watches exclusive content
    • Prime hours 11-8 pm
    • Watches exclusive films.
    • Prefers voice search

A revolutionary idea of having a single language streaming platform. An opportunity to increase user base and subscriptions by:

  • Personalization

    We create solutions keeping the focus on the users and their needs in each phase of the design process.

  • Consistency

    We focused on providing a seamless experience between all platforms - mobile, web, tablet, and TV

  • Learning curve

    For a minimum learning curve, we ensured the app was intuitive and the number of steps involved to reach a goal

  • Voice based Interactions

    To ensure ease of use for each persona, we enabled voice-based interactions for faster actions and decision making


Our primary focus was to re-design the OTT app. We defined multiple problem statements to solve through design, by understanding our different user personas, journey maps, empathy maps, competitor analysis, information architecture, and task flows. Taking into consideration all the above points, we aimed to deliver a smooth and a seamless OTT viewing experience to an audience segment with varied technological adoptions, limitations, and language understanding.

Once the approach was set and finalized, we started with mapping out the IA which shows the flow across the platforms and their connectivity.

Based on the user stories & prerequisites, Lollypop design studio introduced exceptional & distinctive features in the portal.

Structuring the information

Prioritized user satisfaction and created
IA considering user-specific needs


Once we had the IA finalized after iterations, we started with wireframes, Below is the high fidelity of wireframes that were created and later pushed to the Visual design stage. Keeping in mind all the above points, we need to ensure that the pain points and the opportunity of each person was addressed. We ensured a very smooth and simple onboarding process, followed by a very intuitive, dynamic, and visually rich homepage. We also made sure that the video player was feature-rich yet extremely simple for the ease of use of all personas. We revamped the entire TV experience by following familiar mental models to ensure ease of use for each persona


We chose Proxima Nova for simple, clear, and bold letters. Our team focused on the proportions, the spacing, and the overall look and feel. It didnt have a lot of fussy details or mannerisms. The open, circular forms gave it a friendly appearance, especially in the lowercase.

We used Noto Sans for local languages to enhance engagement in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Noto is a multilingual font designed as an intermediate style between the modern and traditional. Users can switch display language between Tamil and Telugu in seconds.


aha wished to bring in a new-wave of orange in entertainment for the Telugu-speaking audience, across the world

Primary 60%

#B61A09 #FF6D2E

Primary 30%

#101211 #8D4429

Primary 10%

#2D3037 #3B4046




#109826 #44DA80

UI Design

We evaluated our designs internally with proven practices to measure their effectiveness in regards to credibility and usability. The resultant was a cohesive experience ecosystem around that felt curated, usable and useful for users.

The value add we brought in was with an intuitive and interactive regionalized experience, faster way of exploring content and easy to use interface that gave a feeling of personalised experience and interface across Mobile, Web and Television.

UI Design

We evaluated our designs internally with proven practices to measure their effectiveness in regards to credibility and usability. The result was a cohesive experience ecosystem that felt curated, usable and useful for users.

The value adds we brought in were an intuitive and interactive regionalized experience, a faster way of exploring content, and easy to use interface that gave a feeling of personalized experience and interfaces across Mobile, Web, and Television.


  • Top streaming service which offers Telugu and Tamil language content. Users select language before sighning up.
  • Pick movies they like and have suggestions based on languages. Users have the option to rate movies at the end so average ratings can be shown to guide other users.


  • User signs up through multiple options some of which are autofilled making the overall process flexible, quick and smooth
  • The country code is added to lower the cognitive load
  • Users are made aware of the free content available to them. Improved discoverability through personalized content

Home & Details


Designed new sections and focused on building brand new content every week to help users stay on the platform


Included trailer on details pop up. Added more information like year of release, cast, type and maturity ratings for clarity


Improved video player by grouping relevant content together to enhance the whole viewing experience


  • Introduced profile creation so that it doesnt interfere with watching experiences of multiple users logging in via the same account on different devices.
  • Provided option to create and edit multiple user profiles. Designed a context-based layout for configurations/settings

aha has acquired one million users after
its launch, predominantly markets of
Andhra and Telangana


What did we achieve from this project?

  • Seamlessly introduced payment process from TV to Mobile
  • Elevated user experience through easy personalization and easy navigation
  • Revamped the Login/Signup process to be more user friendly
  • Improved playback experience by providing features that weren't provided before
  • Improved TV experience by following familiar mental models.
  • Intuitive UI and simplified viewing experience
  • Built a multi-experience for users - Viewers are consuming content on multiple devices
  • Seamless delivery of content on multiple devices is no longer an option for OTT players, it is mandatory.

What did we learn from this project?

  • In-depth research and competitor analysis play an important role in the output of the design.
  • Learned designing experiences for TV.
  • How to seamlessly build a multi-experience for users
  • While the variety and quality of the content will be important to acquiring new viewers, UI/UX will play a decisive role in retaining them
  • A simple and delightful user experience will always remain the most important factor that will define the success of any OTT platform.