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Designing Brand Identity that narrates your brand story, visually.

Every brand is a living personality with attributes both visual and sensual. We craft visual brand identities that elevate your brand’s personality, tone and voice.

Our process of crafting brand assets

Brand assets – be it logo, visual identity, colors, typography, graphic systems and brand collaterals, we leave no stone unturned in capturing the essence of your brand in all touchpoints.

  • Step 1

    Its always is wise to take the right step. Before we embark on crafting your brand’s assets, a careful study of the existing brand system, its analysis or looking at your competition helps us discover what is required to do, and also what not to do.

    • step-1-logo
      Logo questionnaire
    • step-1-logo
      Word mapping
    • step-1-logo
      Research + Moodboard
  • Step 2
    The rough-cuts

    Insights from the Discovery help us set a direction for your brand. A logo questionnaire further clarifies your requirements and help us define the creative brief. Our creative minds get busy sketching and doodling away their ideas. A brainstorming session helps discard unproductive ideas.3 ideas are chosen for the final cut.

    • step-1-logo
    • step-1-logo
    • step-1-logo
  • Step 3
    The final finished gems

    The 3 options are presented and iterations on the chosen option upon feedback (if any) from the client is worked upon. The new logo option is finalized

    • step-1-logo
    • step-1-logo
    • step-1-logo
  • Step 4
    Completing your brand’s visual identity

    Brand marks, colors, typography, iconography, do’s and dont’s, illustrative mockups and other guidelines are set forth in your brand play book – the brand visual identity manual is complete.

    • step-1-logo
    • step-1-logo
    • step-1-logo

Here are some of the gems from our past

A sneak peek of our favourite brand identities and allied works like illustrations, icons, collaterals, so you know what is coming your way.

Here’s what we can do for you!

As a full-fledged branding studio, we offer a wide range of creative services based on your needs. Below are some of them.

See our Branding in action from our designers

Our designers are best at what they do. The below video scratches the surface of what our designers are capable of.


When in doubt, always ask

  • What is Brand Visual Identity?

    It is how your brand communicates visually. Every brand is represented by visual assets like logo, logo mark, brand mark, graphic devies, patterns, typography, brand colors etc. The Brand Visual Identity is a Guide Book comprising guidelines that ensures your brand’s communication is consistent across any media.

  • What does a Brand Visual Identity consist?

    The Brand Visual Identity consists of your logo, the concept behind the logo, logo construction, Clear Zone, logo usage, Brand Color palette, Brand Typography System, Iconography, Illustration style and an extensive selection of mockups that illustrate the usage of brand assets.

  • Is Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Brand Tone & Voice, Brand Communication offered as a service?

    We do not offer these services as of now. But we do align to these aspects of the brand when creating visual identity. If the clients have the above mentioned documents, we can incorporate them in the Brand Visual Identity.

  • Does Lollypop do Presentation Design and Business Stationery Design?

    These will be done as a separate scope. Presentation Design will be delivered in Google Slide format if required. Business Statoinery Design consists of business cards, envelope and letterhead. Print ready files in Adobe Illustrator format or PDF will be delivered.

  • What other collaterals for print design is offered?

    A separate scope is defined for all print designs. These could include – Brochures, Catalogs, Flyers, Posters, Banners, Hoardings, Signages, Exhibition Design, Booth Graphics, Case Studies, Whitepapers, Newsletters, Manuals, Packaging, Store Graphics, Manuals, Direct Mailers, Stickers, Wobblers, Sales Kits, Marketing Materials, Gifts, Wraps, Bags, POP/POS Design, Awards, Trophies, Certificates, Calendars, Greetings, Book Covers, Coffee table books, Magazines, Folders, Holders