Experience Life as a UI Designer in Riyadh

Posted on  26 October, 2023

Choosing a career in UI design is not just about a job – it’s about embarking on an extraordinary journey. But when you step into the world of UI design in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, it becomes more than just a career; it’s a unique blend of creative design solutions infused with the cultural and professional dynamics of this vibrant city. Amidst a plethora of printing and branding services, UI/UX design stands out as the catalyst for driving businesses forward.

Being one of the fastest-growing cities, Riyadh is more focused on expanding the metropolis with an impeccable tech industry. This advancement transforms it into an ideal place for UI designers to make their careers safer. So, are you interested in knowing more about the life of a UI designer in Riyadh? If yes, then you are at the right pace. This blog will provide valuable insights into the life of a UI designer in Riyadh.

Before jumping into it, let’s summarize the latest UI trends that are followed by the UI designers of Riyadh.

UI Trends Followed in Riyadh


Minimalism is all about simple interfaces with a limited color palette, clean and clear typography, and more. Its approach not only focuses on content but also on functionality to fulfill user needs.

Responsive Design:

Due to the propelling usage of mobile devices, the need for responsive design has become crucial. Like others, designers in Riyadh also focus on crafting user-friendly interfaces that adapt to various elements such as screen sizes or orientations effortlessly.


Microinteractions are visual cues with subtle animations that offer feedback to users. In Riyadh, designers might incorporate micro-interactions to make interfaces more engaging and intuitive.

Dark Mode:

Being an upcoming trend, Dark mode is suitable for many applications and websites. Reducing eye strain in low-light conditions also gives a neat and aesthetic appearance. Utilizing dark mode, you can understand the user preferences and satisfy them.


Being concerned about disabilities, Riyadh’s designers never fail to embrace accessibility for all users. Following the best practices, Riyadh’s UI designers transform digital products into more inclusive and compliant with appropriate accessibility standards.

Voice User Interfaces (VUI):

VUI design might not be a big trend in Riyadh due to the innovative utility of smart assistants and voice-activated devices. Designers could have been creating interfaces that integrate voice commands and responses effortlessly. So, people mostly prefer local languages such as Arabic for voice user interfaces.

Data Visualization:

Data presentation plays a crucial role in various industries like finance and healthcare. Riyadh’s UI designers may take the initiative to visualize complex data sets for better user comprehension.


Environmental concerns have a key role in crafting designs in Riyadh. Designers tend to focus on sustainable design principles, and eco-friendly interfaces, including energy-efficient interfaces to fulfill sustainability.  

Cultural Sensitivity:

Considering the cultural aspects of Riyadh, designers try to incorporate cultural and religious considerations into their UI designs, symbolizing their respect and compliance with local norms.

Language Selection:

English and Arabic are the common languages implemented on all the apps and websites.

A Journey Through the Life of a UI Designer in Riyadh

Initial Days:

Initial Days

Embarking on an extended trip to Riyadh, it’s obvious to feel the unfamiliarity in an entirely new place. However, you will spot a lot of Indians which will provide you with a sense of comfort in a foreign land. With a vivid way of exposure to people of different backgrounds, Riyadh awaits shades of diverse cultural experiences. You will get a chance to mingle with people from diverse regions. Through active engagement and interaction with individuals of diverse backgrounds, you will experience an impeccable journey of exploring different cultures.

Professional Opportunities:

Riyadh has witnessed a significant increase in its product sector, leading to a growing demand for UI designers. Many startups, tech companies, and organizations are constantly looking for skilled designers to enhance the user experience of their digital products. As a UI designer, you have ample opportunities to work on a wide range of projects from e-commerce platforms to mobile apps and web interfaces. It was a proud moment to witness the designers from India leading in this field and exploring many product companies.

Working Environment:

The modern and collaborative working environment has transformed Riyadh into a dominant space for designers to build their careers. The companies choose contemporary office spaces with all those requirements and comfortable workstations. In addition, the city is also considered one of the perfect spots offering co-working spaces for freelancers and entrepreneurs to provide a vibrant place to boost their creativity.

Day-to-day work:

Discussing the day-to-day work and schedules, your tasks include handling different kinds of users. Due to active interaction with different types of users or clients, you will have a good learning experience. For example, focusing on various reading patterns from the directions like right to left, different button placements, and different usage followed on the iPhone.

UX has a key role in determining and making crucial decisions from the discovery phase to the wireframe. So, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the product and their sales point of view with revenue understanding.

Cultural Considerations:

A career in Riyadh will give you exposure to diverse cultures and customs. The employees, including UI designers, must adhere to Islamic culture by dressing modestly concerning the traditional norms.

However, the transition was notable due to events such as Vision 2030 which led to cultural transformation. Evolving society has opened the way to experiencing enormous cultural and entertainment events, providing opportunities for designers to draw inspiration from various sources.

Tech Community:

Having a broader tech community, Riyadh has a thriving space for meetups, conferences, and workshops throughout the year. These events provide UI designers various opportunities to learn from industry experts, network with fellow professionals, and stay updated on the latest design trends and tools.



Like any profession, UI design in Riyadh comes with its own set of challenges. One of the main challenges is the need to adapt to a rapidly changing tech landscape. It is necessary for designers to constantly update their skills and stay informed about emerging design trends and technologies to remain competitive in the field. Even though language could be a barrier for UI designers to communicate their thoughts and views, English could be a savior in a professional workspace. However, it would be helpful for people to learn and understand basic Arabic for effective communication.


With a blend of modernity and tradition, Riyadh has an attractive lifestyle. The city boasts a range of shopping malls, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Even though you might find some restrictions based on entertainment and social activities, you will also get many opportunities for cultural exploration, including visits to historic sites and museums.

Exploring Dubai:

Despite all these, Dubai is a place that provides countless opportunities to explore. You should not miss witnessing eye-pleasing sites such as Burj Khalifa, the desert for a thrilling safari, and Palm Island.

While not having a private vehicle posed a challenge, it also opened the door to new experiences. It will allow you to break your comfort zone and embrace different public transport.



As a UI designer, you will be a part of an amazing team having individuals with great skill sets and experiences. Being a part of a team with a shared passion for learning, you will have a good grasp of products and work schedules. To gain more insights about the products and projects, the team takes various initiatives where the members have to take courses to expand their knowledge. It was an exciting journey of discovery and growth.

Wrapping Up

Like Steve Jobs said, Design is more than what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.

Being a UI designer in Riyadh is not only an exciting but also a fulfilling learning experience. The growing tech sector, professional opportunities, and evolving cultural landscape make it an attractive destination for designers looking to make their mark in the industry. As with any career, success in UI design in Riyadh requires continuous learning, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace the challenges and rewards of working in this dynamic city.