10 Common Ecommerce Website Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Posted on  14 November, 2023

In the fast-paced digital world, there is a wide range of ideas to start a business. One such business is e-commerce. Many people are coming up with catchy ideas for beginning an e-commerce business. But one factor that they realize after getting into an e-commerce business is that even though starting an e-commerce business is easy, it has become challenging to run and withstand in the current world of constant challenges and competition.

But there are many lessons that people will learn through the mistakes they make during the business. The first thing that a business should focus on is choosing the right way to grab the attention of its target audience, which would convert them to customers. One such factor is to focus on the e-commerce website design. However, due to some misconceptions, there are a few things that people need to rectify while working on E-commerce website design. If this sounds relatable to you, this blog is for you. Reading down, this blog will help you to understand the ten common E-commerce website designs and how to fix them. 

10 Common Ecommerce Website Design Mistakes

Bad User Experiences

User experience is a superior factor that affects your business directly or indirectly. However, there should be an in-depth understanding of your target audience to create a user-friendly website or application that would satisfy the customers. It is a fact that many e-commerce businesses fail to understand the behaviors and preferences of the target audiences. 

An e-commerce website design with a bad user experience will eventually increase the bounce rate and affect the satisfaction of the target audiences. So, an impactful website design with impressive user experiences will aid you in transforming the market strategies. Along with these, it will enhance the conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate. Having an impactful user experience will engage your customers and will result in increasing sales. So, it is crucial to focus on and improve your e-commerce website design to deliver overall great user experiences. 

No effective Visual Hierarchy

Visuals are always an easy way of interpreting things and sharing information. Compelling visuals would always navigate the audience effortlessly through different pages. With eye-pleasing content, the visual hierarchy has the power to attract the attention of the audience towards the products and services and navigate them in the right direction. 

However, having visuals that lack consistency could be an issue in confusing the audience and reducing their interest in your website. You should maintain consistency with proper font, typography, background, theme colors, and font sizes. A neat and impactful website design layout will aid in delivering a smooth customer journey without interruption. 

Unclear Contact information

Unclear Contact Information

Some e-commerce websites manage to grab the attention of the audience, which encourages the audience to reach them. But what if the website lacks proper contact information? It is one of the common mistakes made by most website designers. 

To build customer’s trust, it is necessary to showcase appropriate contact details. It will help the customers to understand more about the company and will get to know whether the company is real. 

Long and Time-consuming Checkout Process

It doesn’t matter how interesting is your e-commerce website design. A complicated checkout process will result in an increasing bouncing rate. Many e-commerce websites implement a long checkout process that consumes a lot of time for the customers, forcing them to come out of the website. It might directly affect your sales. 

An easy checkout process will aid the customers in adding or removing their products to the cart or checkout section. So, while designing an e-commerce website, you should always focus on simplifying the checkout process through smoother navigation. It also allows for easy conversion of visitors to customers.

Inappropriate Site Search Engine

Search engine

Even though there are random visitors who visit the website based on curiosity and get transformed into customers, there are customers who are more specific about what they want from an e-commerce website. In such cases, they will visit the website and search for the preferred product in the search engine to save time. However, this might be a bit difficult on some e-commerce websites due to inadequate site search engines.

So, it is necessary to have advanced search engine features through which the visitors or customers can filter and refine their search to get the right products they are looking for. 

No effective product pages

Creating a well-maintained and interactive product page is significant to take the audience in the right direction. Having an inappropriate UX design with an unclear product description would mislead the audience and would fail to convey the right information to them. It can easily create a misunderstanding, reducing the audience’s interest and affecting customer satisfaction. 

It is obvious that if you are running an e-commerce website, the first thing that a visitor would observe is its product page. So, there is a necessity to showcase products in a well-mannered format with clear information, which would drive the audience to take the right action.

Inappropriate Product Images

When we mention visuals are necessary, it includes product images. It is considered one of the effective trust signals that would build the trust of customers. Some e-commerce websites will have great CTAs, product descriptions, and designs but lack appropriate product images. It can confuse the audience or the customers about the appearance of the products. However, it could also affect customer satisfaction and the overall user experience. 

So, it is crucial to implement proper product images, relevant to the descriptions and relatable to the target audiences. It could eventually increase the confidence and trust of the audience to proceed with the purchase journey. 

Improper Shopping Cart Design

Having a perfect shopping cart is crucial to encourage the audience to add multiple products to the cart and convert them to customers. A user-friendly shopping cart should designed in a manner through which customers can change or alter the products based on their qualities and other options. So, designing a high-quality shopping cart can embrace the shopping experience of the customers. 

Lack of Call to Action

As said, impeccable visual hierarchy could easily attract the audience, but it’s not enough to convert the audience to customers. A catchy call to action plays a significant role in engaging the customers and driving sales. 

Some active CTAs are ‘Buy Now’, ‘Contact Us’, etc., helping customers to take the right action and guiding them on what to do next. Lacing a proper call to action is also one of the prominent reasons for decreasing conversion rates. So, it’s time to work and implement creative or catchy phrases or CTAs that would stop the visitors from moving away from your website and complete the purchase journey. 

Lacking Mobile-friendly website

Most users or audiences browse products and visit e-commerce websites through mobile rather than other devices. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will affect the visibility and traffic of your business. That’s why it has become a significant factor to consider while building an impactful e-commerce website design.

You should ensure the design elements are the same, clear, and consistent when compared to desktop and mobile, which will help in increasing the number of potential customers. 

Use Great E-commerce Website Designs to Boost Your Sales

E-commerce Website Designs to Boost

Since there is immense competition in the field of e-commerce, it is a great necessity rather than a luxury to monitor and build an impactful e-commerce website design. You should keep in mind that your website design should be user-friendly and visually appealing and would suit all types of customers. 

The above-mentioned are some common mistakes observed to be committed by most e-commerce websites. If your website lacks the visibility, traffic, and sales you expected, you should analyze whether your website is missing some important elements. You can also approach some impactful design service companies that would analyze your e-commerce website and rebuild your website to boost traffic and sales.