Unveil the Power of AI: 5 Roles of AI in the Edtech Industry

Posted on  6 July, 2023

It doesn’t matter which field you are working in or interested in. You might have encountered the use and expansion of AI in every area. Artificial intelligence is astonishing and growing beyond boundaries in every sector, making our life easier. Even though it started with technology and science, it plays a key role in business, healthcare, entertainment, and more. But what about the role of AI in education? You might have heard about changes caused by AI in the field of education.

Want to know more? Through our research, we have listed the roles of AI in the Edtech industry. Reading this blog, you will get a clear idea about the power of AI in the Edtech world.

Power of AI in the Edtech Industry

David Warlick said, “We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand because it is a pen and paper in our times, and it is the lens through which we experience much of the world.”

As there is a rapid evolution in the world of education, you might have experienced a lot of Edtech startups or businesses that are bringing educational innovations.

With a vision of making it more personalized, the Edtech industries are utilizing AI approaches for better solutions. The implementation of AI in higher education has bought a lot of exemplary changes in the way we learn and teach. Being a game changer for both students and teachers is the reason AI is powerful in the Edtech industry.

There is an infinite number of AI-powered learning platforms available helping many students and teachers. You have guessed why most students or teachers prefer these platforms for their learning needs. Yes, these AI-powered learning platforms provide customized feedback, resources, and suggestions. These learning materials are provided based on the needs and interests of the students.

Along with remarkable outcomes, the AI approaches encourage students in various learning activities and boost their engagement. Teachers and educators might find it difficult to manage students with diverse skills, and abilities. The AI-powered apps helped teachers to bring effective learning practices and routine tasks based on the kid’s abilities. Applications such as Grammarly could be considered an example of helping users to improve their grammar skills.

5 Roles of AI in the Edtech Industry

The presence of AI has bought changes in the path of education in a lot of aspects. People are using tools from friendly chatbots to virtual tutors for better learning experiences. Let’s dive more into the role played by AI in the educational field.

Personalized Learning


A classroom will have students of various capabilities and learning skills. So, it is common that traditional teaching methods might fail to understand the issues and academic levels of students. In such cases, AI unleashes its power of personalized learning.

By understanding the personal interests and academic levels of each student, these AI-powered Edtech platforms help them acquire great learning experiences. With these personalized learning apps, teachers could analyze and fill the knowledge gaps of their students. Considering the strength and weaknesses of each individual, educators could generate customized curriculums to fulfill their needs.

Efficient Tutoring


As said above, every student might vary in their preference and skills. So, in order to meet their requirements effectively, there is a need for personalized tutoring. This way, the tutors can conduct individual lessons and give exceptional guidance and support. Since AI identifies the disabilities of students, it also satisfies the needs of special kids.

The power of AI has expanded to a point where they help identify a child’s area of difficulty and gives feedback to them. Students can also approach help from virtual tutors or assistants in case of any doubts 24/7 hours.

Smart Content and Resources


Do you know why students find it easy to learn through these AI-powered tools? One of the main things that make AI-powered educational tools more interactive is smart content and resources. Study materials like digital textbooks or study guide with customization options help students to gain great learning experiences.

The way content appears on screen with visualization, incorporating virtual reality, and augmented reality encourages students to think about new experiments. It will be a gateway for them to explore the virtual environment and learn many new things.

Automation of Tasks

Automation of Tasks

Along with these advantages, artificial intelligence also simplified the tasks of grading and assessments through automated exercises such as multiple-choice questions.

One of the reasons teachers use this application is its time-saving feature. It automates and helps the tutors or teachers give quick feedback to the students. No matter whether it’s a written assessment or multiple choice question, AI algorithms simplify the process of evaluating their performance. Making the learning management system more efficient, AI allows for analyzing educational insights, attendance records, and student performance. It will let the tutors identify the areas that have to be improved.

Enhancing the Student Interaction

Enhancing the Student Interaction

Now, you can figure out how AI enhances student interactions easily. The above-mentioned functions are directly or indirectly strengthening student interaction. Activities like online discussions, sessions, group projects, and assessments initiate peer-to-peer collaborations. These will encourage students to share their perspectives and knowledge.

The effective engagement of students through these activities helps AI to identify the learning skills and give recommendations accordingly.

Utilize the power of AI for effective Learning (Wrapping Up)

Utilize the power of AI for effective Learning

AI is transforming with countless innovations and features, untangling complicated and time-consuming tasks. In the world of Edtech, it has brought a lot of initiatives and changes to build effective learning management systems.  With AI, you could also modify Edtech’s features through great design solutions to emphasize the overall user experience.

It has proved its significance through productive outcomes through personalized learning, effective online tutoring, and automated assessments. In simple words, we could say that the role of AI in the Edtech industry upgraded the joy of learning and teaching.

So, I would better say, why wait if you know the potential when AI and Edtech merge? No matter whether you are a parent, student, or teacher. Use the best Edtech platforms or systems with advanced AI features that would show you a clear path to a career.