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Posted on  28 March, 2022


The business world is well-known for being fast-paced. More and more startups are coming up with the use of new technology and inventive concepts. These new-age startups strengthen their position by creating new markets or restructuring current ones. With these changing dynamics, entrepreneurs need to carve out a niche for themselves and ensure that their new products or services outperform their competitors in the market. Today’s technology and resources provide entrepreneurs with more opportunities than ever before to assist and solve the challenges of daily lives, no matter how daunting they may appear. They can produce innovative solutions and techniques that efficiently solve common issues by leveraging the resources or by developing products and services with the help of technology

Entrepreneurs are constantly torn between taking more time to perfect their product for their target customers and offering new features before the competition. The challenge is establishing the position in the market among constant competition & meeting customers’ demands along with generating revenue.

We have a solution for this challenge, and it is – Build Fast, Launch Fast!

What is Build Fast, Launch Fast?

 Build Fast, Launch Fast

When an Idea is initiated there is a lot of product innovation required to back that idea up, because it’s not just about building a product, it also involves a lot of process, structures, and feedback. To be in the race it becomes very important for these startups to know the importance of speed in development and launching their product in the market as quickly as possible.

The idea behind Build Fast Launch Fast is to reduce the design and development time and launch the product as soon as possible, as it indicates the efficiency of the new product. The benefit here is that it assists these entrepreneurs in determining the MVP (minimum viable product) to reduce the amount of time and effort and to work their process accordingly. It’s not just about developing products quickly, but also about maintaining a consistent pace. The ability to adapt and evolve quickly is what differentiates the business from its competitors.

Why do we need Build Fast, Launch Fast?

Importance of Build fast , Launch Fast

We’re going to dig deeper and look at why it’s important to build products fast, and launch them fast.

When the product is in the development stage a strategic way has to be followed to stimulate the features and the solutions based on the needs of the customers. The business should reflect the true nature of the product or services and should have factored in the right measures to achieve success. 

There’s a need for your product in the market and there is a time when you need to hit the market, you need to do it right because if you don’t do it, your competitors will do it and will own the market. With the speed at which the market and the needs of the customers are changing, the business needs to match their pace to stay relevant. The more you prolong building the product, the more features get added to it, making it way too complex with a bad experience and difficult to maintain. So how can you build quickly keeping yourself aligned with the product iterations? The solution resides in your ability to adapt the continuous changes.

Launch fast simply means creating a minimum viable product (MVP) and getting it into the market. It offers the entrepreneur a basic sense of whether or not their idea is functioning and has a decent probability of profitability and long-term success. While it is critical to build and deliver quickly, it is even more essential to learn quickly, for which it is very important to have a deep insight to what your users or the customers are saying and doing. Which helps the business to grab more opportunities, standing strongly in front of their competitors and staying top of the mind with the users.

To have a deeper knowledge of your customers, it is important that your business should be data-driven and use entirely qualitative methodologies.

Having a good idea is not enough to ensure the success of your startup. It takes an experienced team to back your idea from the beginning.

At lollypop, we help entrepreneurs and business owners bring their ideas to life by assisting them at every stage of building and launching their product, ensuring that they are not locked in the never-ending cycle of product iterations. We are firm believers in implementing a detail-oriented approach to startup management in order to provide the desired product to customers as early as possible. The more the product gets delayed, the more chances of that product not being accepted in the market becomes high. We don’t give that chance. Having decades of collective experience, we very well understand the importance of SPEED, while launching the product.

Now you might have this question: how do we make this possible? We minimize the time required to complete the first cut of the product and introduce it into the market. This allows us to gather quick feedback from real-time consumers. What Build Fast, Launch Fast does is assist in getting the product to market as quickly as possible while keeping two important factors in mind, time and money.

What if you have a wonderful concept and enthusiastically unveil your product to the world after weeks of hard, caffeine-fueled nights? But the concern here is whether that product or your concept will be noticed in the outside world. With so many companies in each industry, it might be challenging to distinguish yourself and create your own brand. So What will be that one thing which will make your idea stand out from your competitors? Build Fast, Launch Fast program gives you a competitive advantage. We believe that it is not a process, it is an attitude.

Lollypop not only believes in the ideas of entrepreneurs but also works diligently to accomplish those ideas, turn them into reality and create a  successful business out of them. We, being a global UX/UI design agency, created a network for startup accelerators that links entrepreneurs with mentors, who work with the entrepreneurs closely to unleash their potential, helping them to build their brand brick-by-brick and secure a substantial share of the market. In this uncertain and fast-moving business world, it becomes very challenging for startups to increase their innovativeness. Our global network can support the startups by providing them with accessibility to capital, finding the right customers, choosing the right infrastructure, and so on.

It requires a trained and developed team to build the product of the highest quality. Our process helps us to gather a whole list of features that add to the entire experience of the product. This further helps us to understand the scalability of the product. After getting a detailed understanding of the product we list the basic minimum expectations out of that product. 

 Discover the product

Product Discovery

The discovery phase is the vital first step of the journey and involves gaining an understanding of user requirements, insight into business goals, and an analysis of the current state of the product and aligning the team accordingly.

Design and Test

Build and test (Image)

Based on your business goals and product launch strategy, we come up with a tailor-made design and development program to help you launch your ideas or product.

Build and Launch

Build and launch (Image)

In “Build” we discover the roadmap, define problems, and design the product. In “Launch” we have a great development team that helps in launching the product quickly. This enables us to get first-hand feedback from real-time users. 

At lollypop, we place a strong emphasis on getting to know our customers and their businesses. We not only comprehend what the customers’ offerings are, but we also examine who our customers are and how we connect with them.

So, if you have an idea or a product that you want to build & scale quickly, please feel free to check out our page & fill in your information, we’ll contact you soon!