How did Lollypop get its name?

Posted on  19 January, 2015

Deciding a name for your company is an extremely hard thing to do though it might come across as the easiest. We undergo a whole lot of series of tasks to come up with a suitable name like writing down all the characteristics of your products/services, and target audiences or thinking about hundreds of synonyms, and words from different languages; we all will agree it’s a tedious exercise and yet seldom we come across a name that we/ the team like instantaneously.

It was the same journey for us. We started off with so many lists; our services, our brand, our personalities, and names flooded such as Pixel Art, Pixel Craft, pixel tree, pixel this pixel that…phew! We even thought of Pixel Pickle (Sounds very Indian isn’t it?). We were very sure we wanted to communicate that every pixel mattered to us. Finally, we all zeroed on Pixitree (Pixel + Tree) and everyone seemed to be okay with it. After much discussions, we thought this would be the name of our dream; after all the name was logical and communicated what we wanted. We were satisfied if not absolutely delighted.

The determined ourselves, we began with the branding journey with ‘Pixitree’ and one day we were visited by my little one in our studios. He started crying he wanted Lollipop and this was also his favorite word which he kept repeating as this was the name of his first daycare. And, I just started thinking out loud saying guys let’s name ourselves Lollipop, it has every characteristic we want ourselves to be associated with.

And there was an unbelievable energy in the room, so many ideas flew, from crafting sweet experiences to leaving a sweet mark and taste to fondest of memories; everything resonated with what we wanted our clients to feel and think about us. And, this is how Lollypop came into the being, quirky yet a memorable name.

Till date everywhere we go, everyone always asks us this question of how our name is extremely unique and  what’s the story behind it. The name leaves the impression first and we always live up to it.

Lollypop branding image